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Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness and the art of self-acceptance

Deepen your ability to achieve peace regardless of your circumstances. 

Learning practical techniques to calm the mind and develop the capacity to meet life, as it is, with confidence and courage. Come into alignment with the real you, let go of false beliefs of who you and others
are, find true and lasting self-acceptance. Mindfulness offers this...and more.


• Reduce Stress & Anxiety
• Increase Awareness of Self Worth
• Improve Attention
• Decrease Physical Pain
• Increase Emotional Regulation
• Reduce Depression
• Improve Mental Clarity
• Experience More Joy
• Have More Fun



Robert Lea, LPC

3233 E. Memorial Rd. Ste. 110
Edmond, OK 73013

To sign up, email:

[email protected]

For more info about Robert or the group visit
Robert Lea's website on www.psychologytoday.com
(Search for Robert Lea) You may also email or
call him through the website. 

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