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My goal is for you to feel comfortable and know that I genuinely care about your struggles. 

I have the highest level of certification available in EMDR therapy which is an EMDRIA (the national governing body for EMDR) Consultant. I was the first EMDRIA regional coordinator for Oklahoma and I am a consultant to many other therapists who are working on becoming certified in EMDR.   

I am excited to share with you an array of well-researched therapeutic approaches that are changing the lives of my clients.  The main approaches I use are Cognitive-Behavior therapy, EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing...see EMDRIA.org), and energy psychology applications, like Effective Freedom Technique (EFT) and Tapas Accupressure Technique.  These treatments are highly effective for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and trauma/post-traumatic stress.  EFT has gained a lot of positive attention in the medical/psychology community because, in many cases, it quickly produces remarkable results that are long lasting and deeply held.  By creating emotional, thinking, and behavioral changes in an often faster time frame than many other therapies, both EMDR and EFT are very cost-efficient therapy choices (see EFT-universe.com for information, cases, and research on EFT).

low the surface to find and root out the real problems and beliefs that are causing chaos in your life. I love my job because the approach I use works efficiently. The majority of my clients graduate as joyful, productive individuals.Would you like to make lasting changes in your life, once and for all? As a licensed professional counselor AND a registered dietitian, I am uniquely suited to offer you comprehensive treatment addressing your mind and body.  If you come to me, be ready to do life-changing work. Through somatic, energy, and emdr-type therapies, we delve be

Email your questions to me.  I want to ease your fears and reassure you that your courageous leap into therapy is one that will positively change your life.  Going to counseling means you are one of the brave individuals who choose to face their problems, ask for help, and work hard in order to have a better life.  You are standing up to fears and saying no to thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck in a dissatisfying life.

Although psychotherapy is the primary focus of my practice, I will assess my client's nutrition and lifestyle habits to make sure their body is working in a way that supports mental health.  Suggestions for improvement in nutrition and lifestyle may be made to guide you but they do not substitute for the advice of a medical doctor.  Learn more about my therapy style, counseling experience, and training and treatment services for depression, anxiety, trauma, current or past abuse, relationship issues, eating disorders, weight loss/compulsive overeating, and more on the "About Leah" page.

CONTACT ME TODAY AT [email protected].
Email is the quickest way to receive an answer. If you choose to call, I do my best to return phone calls within 2 business days.

The content of this website is for information purposes only.  Although counseling is helpful to most people, their is no guarantee of results.


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